About Me


emmanuela-bioEmmanuela Urbani is a singer/songwriter and recording artist based in Milton, Ontario. Emmanuela is consistently delivering vocal performances that showcase the romantic to haunting range of her incredible talent. Often compared to Charlotte Church, Emmanuela mixes pop, alternative, world and classical sounds with highly personal and captivating lyrics to create a signature style intended to be both refreshing and appealing.

“My first musical influence outside of classical was Buffy Sainte-Marie. Love her skill at songwriting and her passion. Buffy inspired my attraction to the ‘unique’ and Celine to mastering the voice. I grew up without much exposure to popular music so I kind of had a different way of familiarizing myself with what everyone was already aware of and for someone who loves music, that was rather hard.”

An artist with an extensive musical history, Emmanuela has been a student of music from an early age, beginning with piano and training in violin for 10 years up to RCM grade 9. Always partial to singing, she later refocused her attention to developing her vocal technique and songwriting skills and furthered her vocal development by working with vocal coach Donna Flynn. She later commenced studying with vocal coach Heather Jewson.

Emmanuela completed a three track demo in March 2010, using her own unique compositions. She worked with Anthony Paiano in creating the arrangements for her songs. Her demo showcases songs, each with their own individual feel and character, displaying the diverse potential of this artist.

With the intent of recording additional tracks, Emmanuela has teamed up with producer Peter Linseman, owner of owner of CCMA nominated recording studio and Indie Label Music Mentor Productions. She is working with Peter to produce six tracks exhibiting a more commercial feel with original twists. One such track, One Minute, marks Emmanuela’s first single with Peter Linseman at Music Mentor Productions as airplay tracker. One Minute is also part of a recently completed four track EP, exhibiting an array of varied and fresh sounds and showcasing her development as a singer. Emmanuela with Music Mentor Productions is looking to continue making her mark in the music industry.